About GHA Scholarship

To assist tertiary and secondary school education students with academic expenses. 

A total of nine scholarships will be awarded. 

Deadline to submit application is September 30th, 2017

 A  250 – 300 word, hand-written essay on applicant’s career goals.

Grenada Houston Association, Inc
P.O. Box 710474
Houston, TX 77271-0474, USA

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2011-2012 GHA Scholarship Recipients
2016-2017 Scholarship Recipients
2014-2015 Scholarship Recipients
2017-2018 Scholarship Application Deadline for receipt of Application: September 30, 2017
Two letters of references from current or former teachers. 
What to include in your application packet?

A completed, legible scholarship application form. 
Copy of official transcripts/certificates
Send Mail/Packages to
   GHA Scholarship Program

Application Guidelines